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We recently stumbled across the Voice of Youth website, started by a college student in Pakistan. It’s basically a forum where young people from all over the world can post their thoughts on any number of topics, ranging from gender discrimination and child marriage to youth activism and living in a conflict zone.

In testimonials, the site’s contributors rave about the opportunity to have a platform to express their thoughts—in photos, poetry, stories and opinion pieces—and to have meaningful conversations, and even disagreements, with others around the globe.

Child marriage is only one of the weightier problems facing the world today. Though world leaders are certainly responsible for addressing that ill and so many others, we think that where young people tread, progress is sure to follow.

Any forum that encourages them to freely debate these issues and discuss solutions is pretty great in our book. You can check them out at thevoiceofyouth.com and on Facebook. And if you’re a young person with an opinion, by all means, contribute to their conversations.