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One of our newest followers, Susan Daniels, wrote a really beautiful poem for Day of the Girl in October. Granted, we’re a tad late in discovering it, but we thought it was worth posting just the same. It’s quite moving, as are many of her other pieces. We hope you enjoy it–and share it.

Susan Daniels Poetry

I am tired of differences–
tell me again how this body
is pulled by the moon
in its tides, hormones
alternately softening minds
and sharpening tongues

as if somehow female minds are less
because ovaries steep thoughts in estrogen
until they are pink and sweet, too soft
to spin equations with imaginary numbers

girls do not have days everywhere,
only nights where they wane and wax,
sometimes aberrantly chasing sun in daylight,
anemic silver pressed fainting into blue,
the moon in her cycles and circles a cool mirror
for us, where the sun is male.

before we were moons only Aditi, the light keeper
birthed the universe.  Aine first sparked life.
Akycha was the polar sun who climbed sky after her rape.
Amaterasu still rises, the great shining heaven,
a red circle on a white flag.  Bast was the cat goddess
of sunsets and fertile rays coaxing seed from the earth.
Beiwe poured light like water on growing things

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